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1. Why does it work with micro current?
2. What does the treatment do?
3. How does it work?
4. Why choose algonix?

Why does it work with micro current?

Stimulation with micro-currents (μA) is also called biostimulation or bioelectric therapy because it can stimulate cell physiology and growth.

In a study with important implications for electrotherapy using micro current, Cheng and Alt (1982) verified the effects of electric currents of varying intensity on variables crucial to the healing process. The production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP, or cell energy) increased by approx. 500%, while amino acid transport increased by 30-40% over control levels.

When currents were increased up to the milliamp level, the production of ATP stopped, amino acids decreased by 20-73% and protein synthesis was reduced by 50%. These trials suggest that high (milliamp) currents inhibit the healing process while micro-currents help it.

Further research on isolated tissues or cells in culture showed that the intracellular ATP resynthesis rate, the protein synthesis rate and DNA replication increase as a direct result of the electric stimulation of the human fibroblast.

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What does the treatment do?

Reduction in the inflammatory process

Inflammation involves increased capillary permeability with serum and plasma infiltration resulting in abscesses and swelling. Electrical impulse signals in the physiological range reduce infiltrative, proliferative and exudative processes.

Reduction in degenerative processes:

Normalization of the pathologically altered structure of the intracellular fluid, and reconversion of the gelatinous tissue fluids to a soluble state. In addition, the pathologically altered capillary permeability returns to its normal function. Preprogrammed low-level impulses also prevent any improper functioning of the connective tissue which might otherwise lead to sclerosis, fibrosis, cirrhosis. In cases of advanced pathological change, however, no significant success can be achieved.

Reduction in smooth muscle spasmolysis

This occurs in vessels and hollow organs, causing stasis and insufficient secretion. The use of ultra-low synchronized frequency eliminates the spastically constricted areas and this stimulates drainage of toxic bioproducts.

Restoring of polarization in the nerves:

The decrease in potential action or the increase in potential voltage are generated by ion concentration factors inside the nerve fibers relating to the interstitial fluid ions. In the event of loss of energy due to neuralgia or neuritis, depolarization occurs leading to dysfunction that can be offset by returning energy to the system. Also stasis due to spasm of local tissues leads to changes in ion concentration and therefore to changes in neural output.

Toning of elastic fibres

To restore the potential of elastic fibers, the electrolytic conditions in these fibers need to be normalized. By using ultra-low preprogrammed impulses, the elastic fibers of arteries, bronchioles, and bronchi can return to their normal functions.

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How does it work?

Treatment is absolutely painless, very simple and rapid. On average, the duration of a single treatment is approx. 10 minutes and this decreases as the application cycle is completed, because benefits are cumulative.

The patient normally experiences a reduction in pain from the very first session, and through a 4/5-session cycle pain totally disappears in nearly all cases.

algonix by medilab by medilab has no contraindication or side effect, and makes it possible to resolve most of the painful pathologies, minimizing and often eliminating the need for using drugs altogether.

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Why choose algonix?

Algonix offers immediate relief; very often pain is significantly reduced from the very first session. The treatment causes no discomfort to the patient with no real side effects; some temporary discomfort may be the only sign of inconvenience, such as: headache and somnolence. The treatment allows the use of painkilling drugs to be significantly reduced or eliminated. The energy rebalancing obtained through the algonix by medilab therapy gives a pleasant feeling of general well-being.

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